OO46 Results

Thank you to everyone who came to the Oregon Open this year.

Yes, it was another record turnout for the longest running dart tournament in North America.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who work so hard on this event.  The PADA Board of Directors starts work on this event about 2 weeks after last year’s event.  The hard core planning starts in November for our May event every year.  That’s about 6 months of planning and meetings.

We hoped that you like the changes and technology we added to the event this year.  The operational issues seem to be at minimum and once matches started they ran fairly quickly.  We need to work on the speaker system and some other things.  We’re committed to bring you the best Dart Tournament possible.


Thanks to Paul Campbell Jr our ADO Regional rep for all the support that he provided.
Jim Nichols and Eric Kristich did another terrific job this year coordinating the tournaments Planning, Set up, Tear down, and just about everything.
This is their 2nd year Michael Gibb Minor and Eric Kristich ran the Floor down stairs and they are getting good at this shit.
Shawn Hallbrook, and Sara Lampert did a wonderful job of running the sign up and payout desk.  Hours of Boredom interrupted by moments of terror.  Thanks Ladies!
Dee Brown, and Mistymarie Wilks-Salguero coordinated and managed the shirt sales this year and it was a huge success.  The smoothest shirt sales that I can remember. Another sellout.  Better get your pre-orders in next year or you’ll be out of luck.
Amanda Bash was outstanding again as our official photographer.  Be sure to check out her pics on FaceBook.

I’d like to thank Mark Wolff, Rich Patterson, Jim, Eric and many others for their help with the set up and tear down.  It’s hard work and made for long days.

Personally, tear down was made more difficult this year as my good friend Tom Anderson was not there to help but more importantly, provide his usual jovial support and encouragement.  We miss you Big Tom.

Sincerely,  Tom Harrison  President
Portland Area Dart Association.










Here are the results…

10-Mens 501 singles - Chris Lim

12-Mens Cricket Doubles - Chris LimLeonard Gates-Soldier


Men’s 501 Sngls RR advnc to a KO   —   87 Players Men’s 501 Dbls RR advnc to KO — 63 team 126 Participants
Champion: Christopher Lim Champion: Leonard Gates /
Christopher Lim
Worthy Adversary: Leonard Gates Worthy Adversary: Dave Walsh /
Sean Smyth
3rd place tie: Michael Lim 3rd place tie: JD Newman /
John Hathaway
Jeff Springer Chris Jaramillo /
Mark Wolff
5th place tie: Ianto Griffith 5th place tie: Jeff Leonard/
Robert Thayer
Gino Cano Andy Campbell /
Mike Doty
Chris Jaramillo Todd Jordan /
Jeff Springer
Mark Wolff Dennis Gondie /
Daniel Schmidt
9th place tie: Juson Merrell 9th place tie: Adre Lim /
Ian Cahoon
Sean Smyth Scott Reynolds /
James Johnson
Jeff Leonard Stephen Shuey/
Rodney Walker II
Patric Kithi Lon Broussard/
Melvin Cherry
Chriss White Chris White/
Ron Colvard
Jim Carsner Steve Brown /
A. Bennet
Matt Wageman Les Coleman /
Jeff Post
William Walker Jon Carroll /
Chris Peak
17th place tie: Curtis Earhart 17th place tie: Kyle Kawafuchi/
Dave Munro
JD Newman Bud Elzea /
Kevin Luke
Daniel Garza Zac Galas/
Jun Gabriel
Steven Shuey Ronnie Hanson/
Roger Freeman
Ian Keeney Spike Adams /
Sean Sullivan
Andre Lim Adam Deck/
Mike Wichert
John Hathaway Logan Dodds/
Jeff Hartman
Larry Mead Michael Lim/
Matt Sagen
Adam Deck Sam Resa/
Jesse Lindberg
Lentz Cline Anthony McLeon /
Bredon Galloway
Mike Due Richard Notturno/
Tyler Haynes
Jon Carroll Rick Davis /
Clay Elledge
Andrew Bennet Steve Sagi /
Carl Roelle
Bob Ross Larry Mead /
Jim Carsner
Daniel Schmidt Greg Haggan/
Jason Merrell
Ian Cahoon Alan Nolan /
Derick Sherburn
 10-Mens 501 singles - Chris Lim


12-Mens Cricket Doubles - Chris LimLeonard Gates-Soldier




Men’s Cricket Singles  KO  —  101 Players Men’s Crckt Dbls  KO — 46 team  92 Participants
Champion: Chris White Champion: Christopher Lim /
Leonard Gates
Worthy Adversary: Christopher Lim Worthy Adversary: Todd Jordan/
Jeff Springer
3rd place tie: Andrew Bennett 3rd place tie: Andy Campbell/
Nils Nelson
Jeff Springer Jr. Jeff Leonard/
Robert Thayer
5th place tie: Ron Colvard 5th place tie: Rod Colvard/
Chris White
Leonard Gates Dave Walsh/
Sean Smyth
Dave Walsh Wayne Cree/
Ianto Griffith
Kevin Luke Michael Lim/
Matt Sagen
9th place tie: Melvin Cherry 9th place tie: Ian Keeney/
Ted Layman
Jacobe Edgar J.D. Newman/
John Hathway
John Hathaway Rick Davis/
Clay Elledge
Kevin Hefferland Scott Reynolds/
James Johnson
Gire Cario Dennis Goudie/
Daniel Schmidt
Daniel Garra Bryce Kennedy/
Daniel Garza
Kyle Kawafuchi Dan Davis/
Greg Haggan
Justin Hersperbecker Justin Huepenbecker/
Jason Merrill
17th place tie: Jan Gabriel 17th place tie: Mike Dee/
Tony Howe
Les Coleman Jocobe Edgar/
Kevin Hefferland
William Lyon Jon Carroll/
Chris Peake
Shawn Espivoza Dillian Gatner/
Darrel Gatner
Steven Shuy Kyle K/
David Muroro
J.D. Newman Troy Baasch/
Chris Passmore
Andrew Lim Christian Stott/
William Lyon
Chris Jaramillo Matt Wageman/
Wheat Hurd
Larry Mead David Northern/
Matt Northern
Patrick Kithi Derick Sherburne/
Alan Nolan
Clay Elledge Kevin Johnsgard/
Steven Shuey
Wayne Cree Curtis Earhart/
Chris Pfenninger
Jeff Post Andre Lim/
Ian Cahoon
Michael Lim Andy Johnson/
Terry Johnson
Jeff Leonard Mike Doty/
Jim Pope
Eric Haines Larry Mean/
Jim Carsner
9-Womens 501 Doubles - Jennifer MountsLisa Brown Jennifer
Women’s 501 Sngls RR advnc to KO —  50 Players Women’s 501 Dbls RR advnc to KO —  21 team 42 Participants
Champion: Jennifer Mounts Champion: Jennifer Mount /
Lisa Brown
Worthy Adversary: Kelly Papuzza Worthy Adversary: Kari Roberts /
Dawn Marchand
3rd place tie: Corrine Stockton Maybe Next Time: Kim Bellay /
Donna Bisaro
Kim Bellay Rousselle 4th place: Gwen Smith /
Kelly Chacon
5th place tie: Debra Straub 5th place tie: Dink Maddox /
BJ Agcalon
Peggy McKay Rena Rodriguez /
Annete Boyd
Carole Heriott Dena Gunter /
Evelyn Bellay
Lisa Brown Teba Archteta /
Barbie Lilies
9th place tie: Barbara Steveking 9th place tie: Velvet Shade /
Barbara Ingram
Kari Roberts Peggy McKay /
Jeanette McKay
Christi Durdan Amanda Baasch /
Sara Lampert
Candi Hurd Suzie Letrud /
Carole Herriott
Amanda Baasch
Dawn Marchand
Rena Rodriquez
Donna Bisaro
17th place tie: Amy Jaramollo
Liz Fraser
Melissa Johnssard
Evelyn Bellay
Heather Anderson
Janet Graef
Marie Summers
Gwen Smith
 7-Womens Cricket Doubles - Amanda BaaschGwen Smith11-Womens Single Cricket - Donna Bisaro
Women’s Cricket Singles KO —  26 Players Women’s Cricket Doubles  —  25teams 50 Participants
Champion: Donna Bisaro Champion: Amanda Baasch /
Gwen Smith
Worthy Adversary: Lisa Brown Worthy Adversary: Jennifer Mounts/
Lisa Brown
3rd place tie: Corrine Stockton 3rd place tie: Rena Rodriguez/
Annette Boyd
Laraine Hinsen Larraine Hinsen/
Tracey Hinsen McCann
5th place tie: Rena Rodriquez 5th place tie: Deb Straub/
Christi Durden
Evelyn Belfay Amy Northern/
Tammie Campbell
Peggy Mckay Shannon Fry/
Dee Brown
Janet Graef Shawn Hallbrook/
Heather Anderson
9th place tie: Candi Hurd 9th place tie: Dena/Evelyn
Shannon Fry Mia Peirce/
Sara Lampert
Monika Nickerson Barbie Liles/
Teba Archuleta
Gwen Smith Kris Lyon/
Erica Heidtke
Mamma Smurf Donna Bisaro/
Kari Roberts
Vicki Grever Dawn Marchand/
Kim Bellay-Rousselle
Carole Herriott Karen Deback/
Arlene Anderson
Jennifer Mounts Leslie Nelson/
Vicki Grever
17th place tie: Mia Peirre 17th place tie: Janet Graef/
Corrine Stockton
Kari Roberts Barbara Ingram/
Velvet Shade
Amy Northern Ruby Redd/
Dana Wair
Bobbi Jo Moore Marie Summers/
Melissa Johnsgard
Tammy Campbell Amy Jaramillo/
Monica Nickerson
Suzie Letrud Kim Chambers/
BJ Agcalon
Jednette Mckay Carole Herriott/
Suzie Lefrud
Nora Wageman Peggy McKay/
Jeanette Mckay
Teba Archuleta Nora Wageman /
Candi Hurd
Annette Boyd
 Open 301 Singles  — 73 Players   BlDrw 501/Crkt Dbls RR advnc to KO —  84 teams 168 Participants
Champion: Leonard Gates Champion: Kevin Luke /
C J Lockwood
Worthy Adversary: Clay Elledge Worthy Adversary: Jeff Leonard /
Chuck Monteleone
3rd place tie: Chris White 3rd place tie: Chris Lim /
Duane Lusby
Chris Jaramillo Larry Mead /
Mark Wolff
5th place tie: Wayne 5th place tie: Mark Holland /
Steve Brown Joson Merrell /
Daniel Schmidt
Steve Shuey Bus Elzen /
Andy Campbell
Matt Wagerman Chris Jaramillo /
Suzie Letrud
9th place tie: Bryce Kennedy 9th place tie: David Northern /
Dave Walsh
Tony McLean Dana Wair /
Neil Mcintosh
Sean Sullivan Ken Ferrell /
Carl Roelle
Chris Lim Kelly Papuzza /
Brad Powell
Jocabe Edgar Andi Power /
Lon Broussard
Daniel Schmidt Steve Brown /
Bart Postle
J.D. Newman Coleby Postle /
Melvin Cherry
Alex Baxter Bob Ross /
Dennis Goudie
17th place tie: John Pethebridge 17th place tie: Christian Stractz /
William Lyon
Spike Adams JD Newman /
David Munro
Robert Ross Jacobe Edgar /
Clay Elledge
Jeff “Dire” Nokes Jacob Jones /
Dan Davis
Les Coleman Spike Adams /
D. Ann Till
Eric Haines Will Campbell /
Jason DeGantano
Ken Ferrell Aaron Swank /
Anthony Mclean
Sean Smyth Rae Fehr /
Ron Grosvenor
Dave Walsh Wheat Hurd /
Bryce Kennedy
Tom “Nick” Nickerson Eric Haines /
Marie Summers
Dennis Goudie Peggy McKay /
Kevin Hefferland
Paul Campbell Shawn Espinoza /
Karen Deback
Aaron Swank Donna Bisaro /
Debra Straub
Chris Peake Brendan Galloway
/ Ben Upshaw
Larry Mead Jeff “Dire” Nokes /
Robert Thayer
Brenda Galloway Lanto /
Kid Resa
33rd place tie: Michael Kuehl
Chuck Thigpen Mxd Dbls Crkt/501 RR advnc to KO  — 71 teams 142  Participants
John Hathaway Champion: Sean Smyth/
Bobbi Jo Moore
Karen Debock Worthy Adversary: Chris Peake/
Rena Rodriguez
Amy Northern 3rd place tie: Soldier/
Shannon Fry
Barbara Sieveking Jeff Springer Jr/
Kelly Papuzza
Matt Northern 5th place tie: Jim Carsner/
Kazren DeBack
Gary Cruz Clay Elledge/
Rae Fehr
Michael Minor Chris White/
Lisa Brown
Barbi Liles Michael Lim/
Evelyn Bellay
Brian Hard 9th place tie: Ron Golvard/
Janet Graef
Velvet Shade Andrew Bennet/
Annette Boyd
Jon Carroll Larry Mead/
Carol Herriott
Jeff Leonard Kyle Kawafuchi/
Kim Bellay-Rousselle
Kid Resa Bob Ross/
Suzie Letrud
Rex Vollstedt Christian Stott/
Arica Heidtke
Jun Gabriel Patrick Kithi/
Heather Anderson
Jeff Hansen Shawn Espinoza/
Dawn Merchand
Justin Huepenbecker 17th place tie: Chris Jaramillo/
Amy Jaramillo
Paul Fromm Steve Brown/
Gwen Smith
Dan Davis Dave Walsh/
Peggy McKay
Teba Archuleta Rex Vollstedt/
Dee Brown
Tori Rillera Todd Jordan/
Debra Straub
David Northern Wayne Cree/
Michelle Winter
Terry Bonney Kevin Hefferland/
Donna Bisaro
Adam Deck Adam Deck/
Barbie Liles
Neil McIntosh Joelle Garcia/
Chris Lim
Albert Tabino JD Newman/ Corrine Stockton
Carole Herriott Dan Davis/
Monika Nickerson
Ronnie Hansen Jeff Leonard/
Christi Durden
Daniel Garra Heath Hazen/
Jen Mounts
Shawn Espinoza Dennis Goudie/
Marie Summers
65th place tie: Carol Hannibal Samantha Walker/
Rodney Walker II
Fuzzy Fromm Jacobe Edgar/
Jeanette McKay
Gwen Smith
Kevin Fraser
Mila Wichert
Kim Chambers
Monika Nickerson
Gary Aldinger
Roger Freeman


12-Mens Cricket Doubles - Chris LimLeonard Gates-Soldier


8-Mixed Doubles - Sean SmythBobbi Jo Morre GroupBDAY
CBoard shirts