5th Portland Open Results

We had an amazing weekend with the 5th Annual Portland Open! We had a great showing this year form our local players, as well as all of the players that traveled to play in this years event. We ran 6 events over the weekend, starting with the Blind Draw on Friday and Men’s/Women’s Singles 501, Men’s/Women’s Singles Cricket, and Mixed Doubles on Saturday. Capping off the weekend was the Women’s Cricket National Qualifier and the Turkey Shoot/Food Drive.

Here are the results from the 5th Portland Open:
Friday’s Event
Blind Draw Top 8 – 29 teams:
     Jeff Leonard / Tammie Campbell
     Steve Shuey / Debra Jubinville Dreger
     Melvin Cherry / Jameel Mussa
     William Walker / Shawn Larson
     Terry M Bonney / Jim Nichols
     Dave Northern / Adam Deck
     Bill Higgins / Andrew L Campbell
     Jeff Nokes / Ian Cahoon

Saturday’s Events
Men’s 501 Singles Top 4 – 26 Players:
Jeff Springer
Patrick Kithi
Jun Gabriel
Jeff Meinke

Women’s 501 Singles Top 4 – 17 Players:
Jolene Harrell
Shawn Larson
Jennifer Mounts
Gwen Smith

Men’s Cricket Singles Top 4 – 29 Players:
Patrick Kithi
Jeff Springer
Todd Jordan
Michael Gibb Minor

Women’s Cricket Singles Top 4 – 18 Players:
Jennifer Mounts
Lisa Brown-Mounts
Amanda Baasch
Teba Archuleta

Mixed Doubles Top 4 – 25 Teams:
Andre Lim / Debra Dreger
Adam Deck / Carol Lungberg
Todd Jordan / Jolene Harrell
Jun Gabriel / Barbie Liles

Sunday’s Events
Women’s Cricket National Qualifier – 4 Players:
Winner – Debra Dreger

Turkey Shoot Top 4 – 10 Teams
Jason Merrell / Paul Fromm
William Walker / Michael Minor
Eric Kristich / Alex Baxter
Patrick Kithi / Sara Lampert

Thank you to all of the players for coming this year, and making this years event a big success!

Thank you to Bill Hamilton, Loni Kroshus and the rest of the bar staff at Coach’s Bar & Grill for taking care of us.

I also want to thank all of my fellow board members; Tom Harrison, Jim Nichols, Nils Nelson, Shawn Larson, Amanda Baasch, and Sara Lampert(PADA’s newest board member) for their help this year. Without any of you none of this is possible!

Finally to those who made donations to send one of our local Women to Las Vegas for the ADO Cricket National Qualifier, Paul Campbell Jr and myself want to say Thank You for your generosity!