BIG #3 Results

Big#3 Results
Posted on March 11, 2015 by eric.kristich
I would like start off by showing huge appreciation to the bar owner Chris and his staff at Ballad Town Billiards for all their hard work and service to make sure everyone was well taken care of.

Now I want to show the love and appreciation to our players who showed up this weekend. We had several players from Seattle, Sunnyside and Yakima WA areas, as well as players from Sacramento CA area. And our local players from Portland, Salem and Eugene areas for making this our biggest Battle In The Grove event to date.

Now for the results from this weekend:
Fridays Blind Draw drew 48 players,
1st: Kevin Luke/Kari Roberts.
2nd: Derick Sherburne/Jun Gabriel.
3rd: Matt Sagen/Teba Archuleta.
4th: Terry M Bonney / Jim Pope.

Women’s 501 Doubles drew 14 players,
1st: Gwen Smith / Tammie Campbell.
2nd: Debra Jubinville / Liz Fraser.
3rd: Velvet Shade / Teba Archuleta
4th: Amanda Baasch / Sara Lampert.

Men’s 501 Doubles drew 42 players,
1st: Kevin Luke/Matt Sagen.
2nd: Wayne Stuart Cree / Eugenio Cano.
3rd: Jun Gabriel / Zac Galas.
4th: Robert Robert L Thayer / Ian Calhoun.

Women’s 501 Singles drew 13 players,
1st: Debra Jubinville
2nd: Tammie Campbell.
3rd: Gwen Smith.
4th: Liz Fraser.

Men’s 501 Singles drew 35 players,
1st: Kevin Luke.
2nd: Stephen Brown.
3rd: Jason Merrell.
4th: Jeff Leonard.

Mixed Doubles drew 34 players,
1st: Kevin Luke / Debra Jubinville.
2nd: Andy Campbell / Gwen Smith.
3rd: Leslie Coleman / Mistymarie Kit.
4th: Dave Northern / Amy Northern.

Women’s ADO Event drew 5 players,
1st: Gwen Smith.

Men’s ADO Event drew 10 players,
1st: Eugenio Cano.

Finally I want to thank my fellow Board Members, Shawn Hallbrook, Amanda Baasch, Mistymarie Kit Wilks-Salguero, Jim Nichols, and Tom Harrison for all your help with this years B.I.G. Event. We had a fantastic weekend!