Captain / Player Info

The current PADA Player Rankings as of 06/11/2018.
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How PADA determine placement of teams:
PADA Steel tip darts does not have a handicap system.  Simply stated our objective is to group players of similar skills together in head to head play.To do this we assign a number to each player (Player Ranking) based on their win/loss history against other players over time.  We then use the team’s player average to establish a team ranking.  Finally we stack those teams according to their team averages into divisions applying judgment as appropriate.  For more see PADA Member Ranking process.

For a new player not having a ranking joining an established team we will typically give them a ranking equivalent to the team’s average they are playing on.  If it is a new team made up of entirely new players the League Director will arrange an opportunity for that team to have a scrimmage with established PADA players to familiarize the new team with common practices.  This allows the League Director to estimate a Team Ranking.  Typically after one or two seasons the players individual ranking will level off appropriately.

Validation of Team’s Venues:
PADA board members need to validate your sponsor’s venues conform to the American Dart Organization’s rules.  (Tournament Rules Booklet Page 7 and 8 “Standard Dimensions”)  However, PADA does have discretion to make exceptions as you’ll come to find out traveling to your opponents Venues.  Bottom line, the Board height and Oche distance needs to be correct.  The Board lighting must be adequate. And we prefer the chalk/score board be located by the Dart Board to the left with enough room for a score keeper to stand there during match play.

Team Captains are responsible for their teams conduct:
Captains, it is strongly recommend that you become comfortable with the league rules. Darts being a competitive sport, there will be those very rare occasions where a dispute between players will come up. Players are not supposed to be combative with each other. They are to use their Captains to resolve issues.  The two opposing Captains are responsible for coming together and resolving the disputes between themselves based on the rules. If a dispute cannot be resolved between the two Captains, the Captains are supposed to contact the League Director immediately for a ruling. This is very rare as I said, but it does happen.  Knowing the rules often makes this a non-issue.  The Bottom line here is the Captains are responsible for the conduct of their team, making sure they know and adhere to the rules.  The rules usually have minor refinements every season.  And they will again this year, but for the most part they don’t change that much   See the most current season’s rules packet on the PADA website or in you season captain’s packet.