PADA Premier League

Premier League Is HERE!

This is a doubles league “bring”.   Anyone can play together EXCEPT no two Masters level players may play on the same team.

Who is a master player? Anyone with a current PADA player ranking of 12.5 or higher.

You can find your current PADA player ranking here: PlayerRankings. You must have a current PADA player ranking in order to play in this league. Here is the breakdown of our player field:

We will have three divisions and the combined team ratings will be as follows:
Sapphire: (6 11),   Ruby: (9-18),   Emerald: (16-28)

Yes, there is some overlap there.  This allows both the players and the league some leeway to accommodate everyone.

We will be playing at close in venues on Monday nights and we are working with those venues currently securing those evenings for this league. We are looking at Sellwood, BC’s, Katie’s, The Escape among others.  There will be no “home” or “away” teams. We have to secure a “yes” from these venues as well as sponsorship based on signups, however we are going to be keeping traveling to a minimum and keeping this league centered in the PDX metro area.

Format: The Higher Rated player (Player A) plays Player A and Player B plays Player B in singles for the season. Play 5 legs (play all 5) of 501 singles and 5 legs of cricket singles.  Each player has played 10 legs, team has played 20. Cork each leg. Play 5 legs of doubles, 501, crk, 501, crk, 501. Each player will have played 15 legs, each team will have played 25.

We will use League Republic to record and report scores. We will also be looking for a volunteer from each division to act as a division leader to help with scoring and reporting.

Cost to play will be $50 a player. This is going to be a CASH league. Payouts will be as follows:
50% of the money will be paid for per leg wins over the course of the regular season. Each player will receive X cents per leg won for their singles wins and Y cents per win for their portion of the wins for their teams doubles leg wins.
50% of the money will be paid to the play top players. All teams will make the playoffs.  The more teams in each division, the deeper we will pay out. This is 100% payout.

We are targeting start of league play on March 5th!

To sign up, you can email us your team info at or