The Portland Area Dart Association is a organization promoting the sport of darts in the the Portland area. We provide team league formats, singles formats, monthly tournaments and larger, annual tournaments to the dart-playing community. We have a strong network of pubs and dart houses supporting our players, and a few of our bar venues are capable of holding larger competitions and tournaments.

We have a devoted group of people on the Board of Directors, and are available to answer what questions we can, as we try to grow the sportsmanship and competition in the league, as well as the game of darts in general.

If you are on Facebook and not yet connected with us there, you can find a link to our Facebook group here.

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League Director
Nick Beam
Board Information

Mailing Address

Portland Area Dart Association
2000 NE 42nd Ave #304
Portland, OR 97213-1305

Please remit checks to ‘PADA’. Thank you.

PADA Representitive
Rich Patterson
Communcations Director
Isaac Rochester
Special Events Director
Jason Pitzer
PADA Treasurer
Sarah Bain
League Statistician
Wayne Storer