2018 Board Election

Current members…  please vote for 4 Candidates to serve on the board.
Votes will be accepted by email at Vote@PortlandAreaDarts.com or paper ballot provided at PADA events. Member’s names that vote will be captured to ensure only one ballot is accepted per PADA member.  If a member submits more than one ballot only the first ballot will be counted. No details of a members vote will be shared/published ensuring the anonymity of the elections process.  (See BoD Election Process for more information). You may write in any name you choose.

Current Board Members that are Leaving the Board/Up For Relection: Jim Nichols, Dee Brown, Shawn Larson, Sara Lampert.

Vote by sending an email to Vote@PortlandAreaDarts.com
For questions please also contact us at Vote@PortlandAreaDarts.com

Please note that you must be a current PADA Member to vote.

Your 2018 PADA Board Candidates:

Arlene Anderson –  I am a self-starter and lifelong entrepreneur with a BA in Graphic Design/Marketing. My first soft sculpture business ran for seventeen years until I moved back to Portland from Baltimore in 2006. My commitments start and are finished no matter the challenge that lies before me. Starting with the First BALTIMORE RAVENS FLOCK in the State of Oregon in 2015. My husband Jeff Nokes and I met playing darts and I became part of the Dart Community without any hesitation. Three years ago we took over the D’s shoot and have put a new spin on it, which has included promoting new venues and bringing out new players. As a team Jeff and I continue to create excitement for the sport within our small group. My contributions to Darts will be and are from the heart. I have always put 150% into everything I do. I have a head full of ideas, and with the 50th Annual Oregon Open coming up this should be a time to really pull some strings and blow it up. With a good team of people together we should Shine! Arlene


Scott Poole

About Me:

Most of you probably already know me but my name is Scott Poole. I have played in the PADA League for around 8 years and have been playing darts for about 18 years. I was born in England and raised in Portland and currently reside in Milwaukie. My dad (Alan Poole) taught my brother and I how to play darts as kids and as we got older, we started to play more and more. Eventually when I turned 21, I joined the league at the first chance I could and have been playing in the league ever since. I have played in the A, B and C divisions so I have met and played with a lot of you. Because of this, I have a good understanding of what many players across multiple divisons and skill levels would like to see improved upon. In additon to this, my years as a player in this league have also given me ideas on how we can grow the league and continue to create a positive and fun experience for players of all skill levels.

What I bring to the table :

I have a lot of experience and skills that I can bring to the PADA board that I believe will improve the quality of the league and its events. I have extensive experience running large leagues, tournaments and events (300+ participants). I also emphasize the importance of organization, communication and punctuality. I believe we have some areas we could improve on and some new ideas on how to grow the league. If I am given the opportunity to become a board member, I will do my best to continue to listen to all player concerns and ideas so they they can be presented to the board. Player and Board communication is a major key to ensuring the league is run smoothly and seamlessly. I think together we can continue to have a great and exciting league for all to enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you will consider me when voting.


Shawn Larson – Please Vote


Wayne Cree – Please Vote



Dee Brown – Please Vote