2020 Board Election

Hello Everyone!

Its that time again for PADA Elections! Please review and vote for up to 5 Candidates to serve on the board.
Votes will be accepted by email at Vote@PortlandAreaDarts.com or by using this Google Form. Member’s names that vote will be captured to ensure only one ballot is accepted per PADA member.  If a member submits more than one ballot only the first ballot will be counted. No details of a members vote will be shared/published ensuring the anonymity of the elections process.  (See BoD Election Process for more information).

Current Board Members that are Leaving the Board: Scott Poole and Shawn Larson

For questions please also contact us at Vote@PortlandAreaDarts.com

Please note that you must be a current PADA Member to vote.

Your 2020 PADA Board Candidates:

Chris Pfenninger – Darts started for me back in 1990 in a small town called Exmouth, WA. The WA stands for Western Australia. I was in the Navy and stationed in the remote town that supported the communications station about 10 miles from the town. I played for a couple of years and then had kids. Life was super busy with 3 little ones and I moved around a lot. One day in 1998 I was going through old boxes from multiple moves and found my set of darts. I got excited and found a local pub to go play. I’ve been playing ever since with a slight break here and there. I like to try to help local leagues wherever I live. I have captains many teams in many areas across the country and love to get people involved in the game. I have run weekly tournaments as well. I was on the PADA board back in 2013-2015 but had to step away due to work and school obligations. I feel the time is right to come back and help where I can. I am fairly organized and good with technology. I don’t want to see the PADA disappear like a lot of other local leagues.

Tylene Bowman – My name is Tylene Bowman, I have been playing darts since the mid 1990’s. Both soft tip and steel tip. I would be honored to help PADA out by running for Treasurer. I am a tax accountant and have the experience to keep the books and tax filings up to date. I have helped the past PADA treasurer out with getting these filings up to date and I would be sure to keep these up to date in the future. I enjoy playing darts and would hate to see PADA fold. There are so many “dart” friends who we would lose if darts were to go away. PADA is a cornerstone to the dart community and I would like to help with keeping it alive for everyone to enjoy. It would be nice to grow PADA to it’s former standing by increasing the members and locations available to play at.

Jacqueline Brinser – Hi, my name is Jacki. My past experience includes 4 years on the River City Speedway Board of Directors; 7 years on the Women of the Moose Board of Officers; President for 1 year of the Two Rivers Higher Degree Council and Secretary for 3 years and Secretary for the Moose District 3 Board of officers for 1 year. So vote for me!

Barbara Freeman – Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Barbara Freeman and I would like to run and have a place on the Portland Dart Association Board. My cousin Bart introduced me to darts seven or eight years ago, and I have loved playing since. Two of my kids play one for quite awhile now and the other one is getting back into it, he even has his friends come over and we all play. Need to get the younger generation involved it has been fun with them. I love playing and want to see the sport grow and stay alive in Portland and Eugene, where I am from. I will drive and come to Portland to help out. Darts has been a life changer for me and I want to help out as much as can. I love the PADA and the tournaments it puts on the people I get to meet and see, so I would enjoy very much to be a part of it.

Carly Lawson – I’ve been playing steel tip darts for about 15 years and soft tip for about 10. I’m originally from Sacramento and was very involved in the SVDA and in planning and running the Camelia Classic. For about 5 years, give or take, I was the secretary for the board of the SVDA, and even when I resigned from the board I was still a very active member of the league. I also spent 2 years in Chico, CA as a member of the CADA and I ran a summer tournament series both summers I lived there. I am a recent transplant to the PNW and a recent graduate of CSU Chico.

Paul Campbell –

2016 – present: Communications Director, Accurate Dart
2013 – 2019: ADO Director, Region 1-2
20xx – 2013: PADA ADO Rep/Board Member
2005 – present: Behind the scenes contributior

Simply put, I’m asking for your vote of approval to the PADA board because it’s in the rules somewhere…and it’s the easiest way to help continue supporting the association at multiple levels.

Bill Mittelsteadt – I am Bill (Freebird) Mittelsteadt. I am running  for PADA board. I’ve been playing darts for 34 years. Began playing soft tip darts in 1986. Started playing steal tip darts in 1991. Have 8 years experience running dart tournaments for the Triple Nickel and The Trap in the 90s. Darts has been very important to me.