About PADA

Portland Area Darts Association.

We are an association chartered with the promotion and enjoyment of Steel Tip Darts.   We offer opportunities for players of all levels to compete with other dart enthusiasts developing camaraderie and love of the sport.   Our association’s boundaries are a 30 mile radius from the Burnside Bridge ranging as far as Woodland, Troutdale, Forest Grove and Wilsonville.

Our members range in age from 20 something’s to 70 something’s.  We have over 500 players registered with PADA and of that, we have 300 with current PADA player rankings.  Approximately 25% of these members are women.

We are proud that our membership is made up of players from all walks of life…   We have Welders, IT Professionals, Bus drivers, Health Care Professionals, Construction Workers, Business Owners, Phd. College Professors and so on…    The one thing we all have in common is, a love of the game, a competitive nature and a need to laugh and socialize with friends.

About our League and Events

PADA has three regular seasons of competitive league play in a year.  Spring, Summer and Fall.  Typically we will have 5 to 6 divisions in a season lasting 10 weeks followed by playoffs.  Each division has  ~6 teams comprised of 4 to 6 players.  That means in any given season we will have approximately 200 members competing at various locations across the greater Portland area.

In addition to our regular season play, we promote regular Darts events.  These include monthly Shoots, Quarterly $500 shoots as well as regional and national events in affiliation with American Darts Organization®.    Examples:  The BIG, The Portland Open, and the longest continually running steel tip darts tournament in the United States, The Oregon Open.

In addition to these PADA run events we help our sponsors to establish their own internal competitions like Two for Tuesday and weekly Blind Draws offering our tools and experience to run the events.

About our Sponsor Venues.

Our sponsors range widely.  From Pubs and Bars to Pizza Parlors and Steak Houses.  The majority of our venues only have two dart boards and support the seasonal leagues.

The only real requirement is that you have space enough for the two dartboards and that the area can be reserve for league match play between 6:30pm and 11:00pm on league nights.  (Typically Thursdays)

There are also larger venues with four to twelve boards.  The advantage of these larger venues is they support more teams during the regular season, but more importantly PADA can coordinate with these businesses to have special events like our monthly shoots or regional and national events sanctioned by ADO® like the Portland Open.

There are some minimal fees associated with League play collected by the PADA.  There is a Venues Sponsor fee of $40 per team per season. The players have membership dues of $30 per year and a team fee of $60 per team per season.

We strongly encourage our members to support their sponsor’s business.  Without our Sponsors we would not have a place to play and the good food and drink that we enjoy.

As a sponsor you can expect members to frequent your business, eating and consuming what we refer to as Aiming Fluid.  League can be 4 to 5 hours, small events can run from 3 to 6 hours and larger events can be 6 to 10 hours or even multiple days for ADO® sanctioned events.

If you are interested you can see a list of our sponsors at our web site http://portlandareadarts.com


For More information please contact the Board at