Board Elections Process

PADA Board of Directors Positions

There are Seven Board of Director positions of which approximately half are elected to serve a two year term. (Three (3) positions in odd numbered years and four (4) positions in even numbered years.) There are multiple roles and responsibilities for the Board of Directors. These are assigned across the board members to ensure all aspects of PADA business are covered. This is voted on by the board immediately after the elections.

2017 Election Schedule

  • Nominations Accepted (you may nominate yourself) May 12th through June 12th.
  • Applications or Nominations will be accepted via email.
  • Voting is open June 16th through July 10tt.
  • Results are announced at the Outdoor shoot schedule for July 15th this year.

PADA Board of Directors Expectations

A board member can expect to spend from 20 to 30 hours a month conducting PADA business.  See PADA Board Member Expectations for more information.

PADA Board of Directors Candidates

Any member of PADA in good standing may apply or be nominated as a candidate to the board, but will need to confirm their intent to run for a position before the voting phase begins. Confirmation of candidate’s intent to run will be done verbally via phone or in person by a current PADA Board member. Candidate’s statements will be posted.
2016 candidates statements

The Elections Process

There are 4 phases to the election process.

1 -PADA membership will be notified of the pending elections. This will be done by publishing the elections process on the PADA web site, linked to on the PADA Facebook site and announced at PADA events bringing attention to the pending elections.

2 -Applications or Nominations will be accepted via email. Please provide the full name, email address and the phone number the candidate can be reached at.

3 -Voting began June 16th  2016 and closes July 10th  2016.  Current  PADA members may vote for 4 candidates to serve on the board. Votes will be accepted by email at or paper ballot provided at PADA events. Member’s names that vote will be captured to ensure only one ballot is accepted per PADA member.  If a member submits more than one ballot only the first ballot will be counted. No details of a members vote will be shared/published ensuring the anonymity of the elections process.

4 -Results will be posted on the PADA web site.

Board of Directors roles and responsibilities There are multiple roles and responsibilities associated with the Board of Directors. One or more of these roles will be assigned to each of the board members to ensure the smooth and effective operation of PADA business.

Here is the link to the Bylaws, which includes the list roles and responsibilities the board covers: PADA ByLaws. These roles are subject to change as the needs of the association change.