PADA Lifetime Members

The following people are distinguished members of the Portland Area Dart Association and are lifetime members. A lifetime member is some who has provided extraordinary contribution to the PADA organization and thereby darts in the Portland area. The PADA is a volunteer organization and it could not have survived since 19XX with out the talents and contributions of these amazing people. Everyone who has ever played in the PADA steel tip leagues, the Oregon Open or any kind of darts in the Portland area, owes these individuals a debt of gratitude.

Thank you

Roger Christal
Lori Christal
Dee Philip
Anne Lund
Bill Dennis
Carl Lungberg
Carol Lungberg
Rich Patterson
Bruce Van Hine
Craig Boughton
Fuzzy (Donald) Fromm
Russell Hinkle
Jerry Long
Chris Ricci
Shawn Hallbrook
Jason Pitzer

As identified in the Organizational by-laws:
Lifetime members

  • Members do not pay annual dues and shall receive a lifetime achievement award to reflect their outstanding contribution to PADA.
  • One Lifetime Member per year may be selected and presented an award at the Oregon Open Tournament.
  • Lifetime Members are to be determined by a vote of the PADA Board of Directors.